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JV and Developmental @ South Hills Chargers

 Week 6 brings a lot of action to the table but first a quick recap of week 5!

The North Pittsburgh Catholic Ironmen  teams rolled to an organizational victory, with 3 shoutout wins versus their opponents with a combined score of 106-0 (Dev 36-0, JV 22-0 and Varsity 48-0).   The Ironmen Defense was too much to handle for the visiting St. Louise Trojans and Varsity Erie Catholic Knights.  As the teams ease their way into Week 6 of the season, the Developmental and JV have clinched a home playoff game, with their eyes both on the prize of finishing first in their division. The Varsity team is maintaining the edge in their division while they rest on their bye this week. With a 5-0 record, they find themselves competing for a winner takes all 1st place battle next week against the Seneca Valley Chargers who improved to 4-1, with a win Saturday evening against Erie Catholic 36-0. 

Both the Dev and JV travel this week to the South Hills Chargers to wrap up their road travels.  Last time the 2 organizations faced off, the Ironmen were on top at both levels.  The Developmental shut out the visiting Chargers (0-4) 38-0 and the JV hosted a shutout of their own against the South Hills Chargers (1-4) 30-0. 


Around the League Today

Week 5 10/8 and 10/9


Erie Catholic @ Seneca Valley

Varsity 10/1/2022 @ 645pm

Final Score- Seneca Valley 36 vs Erie 0

Ironmen @ South Hills Chargers


JV 1pm       Dev 230pm

Brentwood @ St. Louise

Varsity 10/9/2022 @ 330pm

Erie Catholic @ St. Louise


JV 1 pm       Dev 230pm

Westmoreland @ South Hills Chargers

Varsity 10/9/2022 @ 330pm

Ironmen Varsity- BYE


                                      W          L           PF          PA


1.* Erie                            4           0            162          20

2. *NPC Ironmen             3           1            108          28

3. St. Louise                   1           3             28          98


 4. S. Hills Chargers         0           4             0          152

* Clinched Homefield Playoffs



                                      W          L           PF          PA


 1. *Erie                            4           0           128          18

2. NPC Ironmen            3           1            86          14

  3. S. Hills Chargers        1           3             16          110

  4. St. Louise                    0          4             26           108

*Clinched Homefield Playoffs


                                      W          L           PF          PA


  1. **NPC Ironmen            5           0            204          44

   2. **Seneca Valley            4           1            134           78

3. **S. Hills Chargers        3          1            94           48

 4. Brentwood                  2           2            128          70

  5. St. Louise                   1           3            54          114

   6. X-Erie                         1           5            40           166

  7. X- Westmoreland          0          4             22         145

**Clinched Playoff Spot

X- Eliminated from Postseason


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8th Grade Student Athlete Spotlight


Past Game Day Programs

Maybe you missed some amazing actions shots, the 8th grade spotlight, or quick write up of one of your favorite players and want to check it out? Explore past game day programs, share with friends and family and read about each week!



The Varsity Ironmen have finally earned their first shoutout of the season.  They saw their starting defense and second string defense shut down the visiting Erie Catholic Knights.  With a combined 3 turnovers (2 INT's Will Waskiewicz and 1 Fumble Recovery Nico Beraducci) and 1 sack (Ryan Snyder), Erie Catholic only gained 15 yards of offense on the day. 

The Ironmen were led on the offensive front by Ryan Snyder who had 103 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground and a 46 yard reception for a 3rd touchdown.  Quinn O'Hara was able to break off a long run early in the game for his first Varsity touchdown and capped off the day with 40 yards on the ground and a lone reception for 29 yards.  To Cap off the day late in the game, Michael Pierro got into the action late  with 2 touchdowns on his 3 carries for 37 yards.  

The Varsity team is finally on their bye week and it is well needed.  With a 5-0 start to the season, the Ironmen look to complete back to back undefeated seasons as the head home next week to take on the visiting Seneca Valley Raiders (4-1).  With a win next week, the Ironmen will secure the #1 seed for the 2nd consecutive year. And as always,  they continue to be content BUT NOT SATISFIED! 

Head Coach- Phil O'Hara

Offensive Coordinator- Denny Sentelle

Defensive Coordinator- Tom Chimenti

Special Teams Coordinator- Jim Russell

Offensive and Defensive Line Coach- Todd Kalis

Linebacker and Scout Team Coach- Chris Minton

Assistant Defensive Coordinator- Travis Hawes

Upcoming Schedule 

10/9 Bye Week

10/15 vs Seneca Valley @ 630pm





The JV Ironmen are back in the win column and have earned their 3rd shoutout of the season.   The Ironmen Defense could not be scored upon all day, and saw great defensive plays, including an interception by Ty Ryan.  

The offense was on cruise control led by QB George Immel who threw for 3 touchdowns on the day, and hit WR Jack Croft countless times driving down the field. 

With the win against St. Louise, the Ironmen are closing in on securing a homefield playoff game, and look to play for the division and #1 seed in the coming weeks.  But first, the Ironmen will look to get finish their road season up against the South Hills Chargers.  In their first matchup back in September, the Ironmen defeated the Chargers with a score of 30-0. 


Next week, the Ironmen look to return home as they face off with Erie Catholic with what could look to be the game over the year!

Upcoming Schedule 

10/9 @ South Hills Chargers @ 1pm

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 11am




The Young Ironmen of the organization saw themselves toss up their 3rd shutout of the season and secured a home field playoff game. With 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns, the Ironmen could not be stopped as they won 36-0 against St. Louise.  

With the Ironmen defense grinding it out all 4 quarters, the St. Louise Trojans struggled to even more the football over the line of scrimmage. On offense, the Ironmen took the lead on several strong runs and even saw their passing game come out in full effect.  With the 1-2 punch to St. Louise, the Ironmen inch 1 game closer to battling for the 1st place title.  Sitting at 2nd place this week, the Ironmen face off against the Chargers who they shut out back in September 38-0.    

The Ironmen wrap up their road season with this game and return home to face off with Erie Catholic, who like the JV team will most likely be the game of the YEAR!

Upcoming Schedule 

10/9 @ South Hills Chargers @ 230pm

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 1245pm



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Head Coach- Nicole Steineman 

Asst. Coach- Shelley Colangelo

Asst. Coach- Danielle Pecoraro

Upcoming Schedule 

9//11 @ St. Louise 330pm

9/18 @ Westmoreland 4pm

9/24 @ Brentwood 8pm

10/2 vs Erie Catholic @ 230pm

10/9 Bye Week

10/15 vs Seneca Valley @ 630pm




Head coach- Leanne Fike

Asst. Coach- Dana Schott

Asst. Coach- April Jackson

Upcoming Schedule 

9//11 @ St. Louise @ 1pm

9/18 Bye

9/25 @ Erie Catholic 1pm

10/2 vs St. Louise @ 11am

10/9 @ South Hills Chargers @ 1pm

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 11am




Co-Head Coach- Ashtyn Guty

Co-Head Coach- Vanessa Krynicky

Asst. Coach- Michelle Hamilton

Asst. Coach- Kearstin Sarver

Asst. Coach- Julie Pace

Asst. Coach- Nicole Thompson

Asst. Coach- Lindsey Ronnenberg

Upcoming Schedule 

9//11 @ St. Louise @ 230pm

9/18 Bye

9/25 @ Erie Catholic 230pm

10/2 vs St. Louise @ 1245pm

10/9 @ South Hills Chargers @ 230pm

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 1245pm



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