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IRONMEN FOOTBALL AND CHEER 10/15/2022 Varsity vs Seneca Valley and 10/16/2022
JV and Developmental vs Erie Catholic

We have finally made it to the FINAL week of the season and boy do we have an exiting weekend for you ALL AROUND the league!! Playoffs? Seedings? It all comes down to this weekend for most teams. Even the NFL could not have predicted a schedule that would have played out this way for the Varsity division.  Even a "WIN" could result in coin toss for many teams, for that hope of hosting a home playoff game. Take a look below!  

The North Pittsburgh Catholic Ironmen  JV and Dev teams are coming off of their final road games which were against the South Hills Chargers.  The Ironmen (4-1) saw their Developmental team clinch a homefield playoff game with their 26 to 8 victory of the South Hills Chargers (0-5). With their game against the 5-0 Erie Catholic Developmental team, a win would result in a coin flip for 1st place.  The Erie Catholic (5-0) Developmental team is coming off of a 34-6 victory over St. Louise (1-4). 

The JV Ironmen (3-2) team is coming off of a tough 12-8 defeat against the South Hills Chargers (2-3) JV team.  With Erie Marching down 79 this weekend to come face off, they hold the #1 seed. A win for the Ironmen will atomically give them the #2 seed and homefield in the playoffs.  If they are unable to hold off Erie Catholic, and a Chargers victory, a coin flip will determine 2nd place and homefield for the playoffs. The Erie Catholic (5-0) JV team is coming off of a 32-0 victory over St. Louise last week.

The Varsity had a much needed bye last week and saw themselves at the top of the division with 1 more week to go.  Seneca Valley is coming off a monstrous victory over Erie Catholic 36-0.  Witnesses at the game shared that the Raiders defense was unstoppable with key turnovers and a strong run game powered by the Raiders backfield.

Any given Sunday/Saturday! Even a coin toss to determine 1st-2nd and 3rd place. A deep dive look into the Varsity standings, has the 4 playoff teams all facing off this weekend with each other, on the SAME DAY! Cannot wait to see how this plays out!


Around the League Today

Week 6 10/15 and 10/16


Seneca Valley @ Ironmen

Varsity 10/15/2022 @ 630pm

Ironmen 28 vs Seneca Valley 8

South Hills Chargers @ Brentwood

Varsity 10/15/2022 @ 700pm

South Hills Chargers 28 vs Brentwood 22

Erie Catholic @ Ironmen


JV 11am       Dev 1245pm

Westmoreland @ St. Louise

Varsity 10/16/2022 @ 330pm

South Hills Chargers @ St. Louise


JV 1 pm       Dev 230pm

Westmoreland @ South Hills Chargers

Varsity 10/9/2022 @ 330pm

Erie Catholic Varsity- Bye


                                      W          L           PF          PA


1.* Erie                            5           0            196          26

2. *NPC Ironmen             4           1            134          36

3. St. Louise                   1           4             34          132


 4. S. Hills Chargers         0           5             8          178

* Clinched Homefield Playoffs



                                      W          L           PF          PA


 1. *Erie                          5           0           160          18

2. NPC Ironmen             3           2            94          26

  3. S. Hills Chargers        2           3             28          118

  4. St. Louise                    0          5             26           140

*Clinched Homefield Playoffs


                                      W          L           PF          PA


  1. **NPC Ironmen            6           0            232          52

 2. **S. Hills Chargers         5          1             155        70

   3. *Seneca Valley            4           2            142          106

 4. *Brentwood                 3           3            176          112

 5. X- St. Louise                1           4            68          140

   6. X-Erie                         1           5            40           166

  7. X- Westmoreland          0          5             22         188

*Clinched Playoff Spot

** Clinched Home field

X- Eliminated from Postseason


2022 Playoff Look Ahead

Developmental Playoffs

10/23- 1 Seed (Erie/Ironmen) vs 4 seed (St. Louise/S. Hills Chargers)

10/23- 2 Seed (Erie/Ironmen) vs 3 seed (St. Louise/S. Hills Chargers)

10/30- Championship Game @ JC Stone 1200pm 

JV Playoffs

10/23- 1 Seed (Erie) vs 4 seed (St. Louise)

10/23- 2 Seed (S. Hills Chargers/Ironmen) vs 3 seed (S. Hills Chargers/Ironmen)

10/30- Championship Game @ Duquesne University 500pm 

Varsity  Playoffs

10/23- 1 Seed (Ironmen/Seneca Valley/S. Hills Chargers) vs 4 seed (Brentwood/Seneca Valley/S. Hills Chargers)

10/23- 2 Seed (Ironmen/Seneca Valley/S. Hills Chargers) vs 3 seed (Ironmen/Brentwood/Seneca Valley/S. Hills Chargers)

10/30- Championship Game @ Duquesne University 700pm 

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8th Grade Student Athlete Spotlight


Past Game Day Programs

Maybe you missed some amazing actions shots, the 8th grade spotlight, or quick write up of one of your favorite players and want to check it out? Explore past game day programs, share with friends and family and read about each week!



The Varsity Ironmen are coming off of the 6th week BYE and fresher than ever. With some healthy legs and the heart to push forward for another week, the Ironmen have shifted their focus to the Seneca Valley Raiders (4-1).  

You could not ask for a better week 7 matchup as the Ironmen and Seneca faced off in the Championship last year, with the Ironmen victorious 30-6.  However, the 2022 season has shown that a lot of things are possible. With a win vs the Raiders, the Ironmen will clinch first place. If the Ironmen are defeated, they could be subject to a coin flip for first place, that is, with the help of a victory by the South Hills Chargers. A lot can happen this cold, late fall, Saturday. 

Below is a look into how some of the top Ironmen Varsity skill players (We all know the offensive line are the top performers haha) have performed this season thus far.

Offensive side of the Ball

Louis Iaquinta has engineered the offense as QB by completing 29 out of 44 passes for a completion rate of 66% for 503 yards, 7 TD's and 2 INT's and an OVERALL QB RATING of 125.8!

Sean Miller has rushed 44 times for 310 yards and 8 TD's.  Along with 6 Receptions for 65 yards and 1 TD. 

Ryan Snyder has rushed 19 times for 272 yards and 6 TD's, along with 9 receptions for 163 yards and 3 TD's. 

Quinn O'Hara has rushed 12 times for 99 yards and 1 TD.

Xiah Ninehouser has rushed 22 times for 203 yards and has 5 receptions for 69 yards. 

Michael Pierro has rushed 12 times for 71 yards and 3 TD's. 

The offense has scored 204 points for an average of 41 points per game.

Defensive Side of the Ball

Ryan Snyder leads the team with 3 sacks, while John Flerl chases him with 2 of his own.  

The leading Tacklers on the team are Linebacker Sean Miller with 14,  Defensive Tackle Jimmy Kalis with 13 (5 tackles for loss), Safety Hunter Chimenti with 10 and team play caller Quinn O'Hara with 9. 


On the turnover side of the game, Will Waskiewicz leads the team with 4 Interceptions, while Iain Aquino-Gibbons, Ronan Straub and Sean Miller have all recovered 2 fumbles each. 

The Defense has allowed just 44 points all year for an average of just 9 points per game. 



And as always,  they continue to be content BUT NOT SATISFIED! 

Head Coach- Phil O'Hara

Offensive Coordinator- Denny Sentelle

Defensive Coordinator- Tom Chimenti

Special Teams Coordinator- Jim Russell

Offensive and Defensive Line Coach- Todd Kalis

Linebacker and Scout Team Coach- Chris Minton

Assistant Defensive Coordinator- Travis Hawes

Upcoming Schedule 

10/15 vs Seneca Valley @ 630pm

10/23 Playoffs TBD





The JV Ironmen had a tough loss in the South Hills last week against the Chargers 12-8.  With the Chargers leading 12-0 in the 4th quarter, the Ironmen were able to put together a substantial drive and bring it within 4. However as the game clock neared the end, the Ironmen were out of timeouts and saw the clock run out. 

When you look at the Ironmen JV team this year, you see resiliency and their ability to overcome any obstacle and bounce back. With the fierce weapons they have on the offensive side and strong backbone of the defense, the Ironmen even after their loss, did not appear to be set back.  The throttle is full forward as the ramp up to play Erie Catholic who gave the Ironmen their only other loss 14-0 earlier in the season.  

The Ironmen are still recognized as one of the top defenses in the entire Pittsburgh Catholic League, allowing just 26 points for an average of 5 points per game. 

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 11am

10/23 Playoffs TBD




The Young Ironmen of the organization is not a fair statement anymore. This group of seasoned student athletes clinched a homefield game when they saw themselves toss up their 26-8 victory of the South Hills Chargers. With a shutout looming in the distance, it would have marked their 4th of the season.  However, the Chargers were able to punch it in for their teams first points of the entire season.  Nevermore, if you were there,  you witnessed that the sportsmanship of the Ironmen was the true winner.  They played to the final seconds with their opponent for all 4 quarters, and shared mutual respect and honor for the game.  

The Ironmen set off to face Erie Catholic at home, who defeated the Ironmen earlier this season 28-8.  However, that was the young Ironmen boys of the organization as today they stand proud as the young IronMEN. They look to tie Erie Catholic for first place and toss that coin up in the air to determine the Division Winner and #1 seed. What an honor for a team that entered the season with a roster consisting of under 5 boys with prior football experience.     

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 1245pm

10/23 Playoffs TBD



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Head Coach- Nicole Steineman 

Asst. Coach- Shelley Colangelo

Asst. Coach- Danielle Pecoraro

Upcoming Schedule 

10/15 vs Seneca Valley @ 630pm




Head coach- Leanne Fike

Asst. Coach- Dana Schott

Asst. Coach- April Jackson

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 11am




Co-Head Coach- Ashtyn Guty

Co-Head Coach- Vanessa Krynicky

Asst. Coach- Michelle Hamilton

Asst. Coach- Kearstin Sarver

Asst. Coach- Julie Pace

Asst. Coach- Nicole Thompson

Asst. Coach- Lindsey Ronnenberg

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 1245pm



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