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JV vs South Hills Chargers
Developmental vs St. Louise
Varsity vs Brentwood
"One Organization, One Dream."

Some wish for it, but the Ironmen work for it. Playoffs are here...... For the 2nd consecutive year, the Ironmen organization is hosting a 3 team round 1 playoff battle with their opponents on their home turf.  With the battle of the Liberty Tunnels taking place at all 3 levels and the sun out shining 65 degrees, the boys of fall are ready to compete. With the mentality of "respect all and fear none", the Ironmen look to have all 3 teams advance to a championship game for the first time ever in the history of the Pittsburgh Diocese League. When the will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win, here come the Ironmen!  

The North Pittsburgh Catholic Ironmen Developmental (4-2) team takes on the visiting St. Louise (2-4).  With the season series in favor of the Ironmen 2-0, the Ironmen look to shutout St. Louise for the season.  With a combined score of 62-0 in 2 games, the Ironmen appear to be an unstoppable force this season.   Coach McDowell and his staff have motivated and inspired this team to do unthinkable things and go from a team of uncertainty and new players, to a championship competitor.  So when you look at this team and the accomplishments, you can only believe that individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds. Here's to the young Ironmen of the organization and GO IRONMEN! 

The North Pittsburgh Catholic JV Ironmen (3-3) team is coming off of a tough loss and with some help around the league last week, will host their 2nd consecutive home playoff game.  With this being the RUBBER match, the Ironmen look to take the 3 game series this season.  The South Hills Chargers were victorious in the last meeting 12-8, but the preparation by the Ironmen for this game shows that they have some unfinished business. The JV team took the week to practice with the mindset "we don't practice until we can get it right. We practice until we can't get it wrong".  The time to perform is now, as the time to prepare is in the past.  The JV team looks to be the first Ironmen JV team in 4 years to play in the championship game.  Who are we? Ironmen!

The North Pittsburgh Catholic Varsity Ironmen (6-0) finished their season with a 2nd consecutive undefeated journey.  As they play today for a 3rd consecutive championship appearance, they look to leave nothing behind. So as they have their eye on the prize, "Now is the time". They were victorious last week against Seneca Valley 28-8.  With what appeared to be a close game 12-8 in the early part of the night, the Ironmen Offense came to play, putting up 16 unanswered points to seal the victory.  The Varsity has lived by the motto "Fortitude" this season and define themselves as having that strength of mind that enables them to encounter adversity with courage and pride.  With a game on the line today against Brentwood (3-3), the Ironmen look to take the 2nd game from them.  In the first matchup, the Ironmen were victorious 36-18 and were a wrecking force on defense.  The Varsity team is ready and understands that victory begins in the heart. Stand up today with your Varsity Ironmen, as United we play, United we win!

Take a look at our organization hype video below.  All of these student athletes know that winners in life don't always win, they just don't give up.  Here we are today... Who are we? Ironmen! Who are we? Ironmen! WHO ARE WE? IRONMEN!!!



Around the League Today

Playoff Week 10/23


Seneca Valley @ South Hills Chargers

Varsity 10/23/2022 @ 300pm

South Hills Chargers @ Erie



South Hills Chargers forfeit, Erie Won

St. Louise @ Erie



St. Louise forfeit, Erie Won


                                      W          L           PF          PA


1.* Erie                            6           0            216          34

2. *NPC Ironmen             4           2            142          56

3. St. Louise                   2           4             40          132


 4. S. Hills Chargers         0           6             8          184

* Clinched Homefield Playoffs



                                      W          L           PF          PA


 1. *Erie                          6           0           176          32

2. *NPC Ironmen             3           3            108          42

  3. S. Hills Chargers        2           4            40          132

  4. St. Louise                    1          5            40           152

*Clinched Homefield Playoffs


                                      W          L           PF          PA


  1. **NPC Ironmen            6           0            232          52

 2. **S. Hills Chargers         5          1             155        70

   3. *Seneca Valley            4           2            142          106

 4. *Brentwood                 3           3            176          112

 5. X- St. Louise                2           4            68          140

   6. X-Erie                         1           5            40           166

  7. X- Westmoreland          0          6             22         188

*Clinched Playoff Spot

** Clinched Home field

X- Eliminated from Postseason


2022 Honorary Coin Toss Ironmen

The Ironmen organization would like to honor some of our past Ironmen greats who served an impact on the organization.  These men and women are selfless volunteers who put countless hours into the program, and helped to shape it for what it has become today.  

To honor these Ironmen greats today, we have invited them to flip the coin at each game prior to the start.  They will join our Ironmen teams on the field as well as our opponents. 

Please take the time to read about each one and share your appreciation to these Ironmen greats through passing, as they will plan to be at the stadium today to watch some great football and cheer on the Ironmen!

Steve Spotts- Honorary JV Coin Toss

Steve is one of the original "founding fathers" of the Ironmen dating back to the program’s inception in 2009 when 4 men from Saints Kilian and Alphonsus worked tirelessly to start a new team in the Pittsburgh Diocesan football league. 


Steve proudly served 10 years with the Ironmen from 2009 to 2018 in both an active coaching role and on the Ironmen board.  From 2013-2018, Steve served as President for the organization and helped establish many of the traditions that make the program special and attractive for families such as establishing memorable traditions like the jersey day ceremony, annual end-of-season pep rally, and the letters to mom and father-son jersey ceremonies.

 Steve coached at all 3 levels of Ironmen football, coaching 2 years at the Developmental level, and 4 years each at the JV and Varsity levels.  In the program’s 2nd year of existence, Steve guided the JV team to the Diocesan championship vs. Saint Bartholomew and Duquesne University’s Arthur J. Rooney Field.  In 2012, Steve helped guide the program’s growth with the addition of Ironmen cheer squads.  A total of 27 cheerleaders and 8 cheer coached were added that year.


Steve’s Ironmen football teams hold and overall record of 37-27 during his tenure, with 5 playoff appearances and 2 Diocesan runner up finishes.  In all, Steve, coached and mentored 250 football players and guided a total 950 total participants in both the cheer and football programs while serving on the Ironmen board.​


Most importantly, Steve was able to guide the program in forming a safe environment for players, coaches, and families to share their faith and love for Jesus Christ through the great game of football.

Ron Balog- Honorary Developmental Coin Toss

Ron was one of the founding fathers of the Ironmen, with 7 years of total experience.  Ron had 2 years at the developmental level, 2 at the JV level and 3 at the Varsity level.  Ron was a head coach each of those 7 years and was the first varsity Ironmen team to play for a Diocesan title in 2015.  Unfortunately they lost 22-20 in overtime.  

Ron also has 1 JV semifinal appearance and 2 Varsity semifinal appearances, as well as the 1 championship appearance.  During this time, Ron had 4 straight playoff appearances.  

Upon his departure of the Ironmen program, Ron coached 2 years at Central Catholic, one as a freshman assistant and one as the freshman head coach and varsity assistant.  Ron then coached for 4 years as the Head Coach at Quaker Valley, with a playoff appearance in 2018 when they lost to North Catholic 31-24.  During this game, Ron took notice that he had the opportunity to coach half of the North Catholic Roster as an Ironmen in years before.  

Presently, Ron coaches at North Catholic as the Offensive Coordinator.  Ron is also an active presence in the Ironmen organization, as he routinely speaks at the non contact camp and shares success stories and encouragement for Ironmen players. 

Joe Iaquinta- Honorary Varsity Coin Toss

Coach Joe Iaquinta has been a part of the Ironmen organization for nearly 8 years.  During this time, he coached his teams to 5 Diocesan championships, resulting in 4 titles, 1 of which was as head coach.  Additionally, Joe served on the board for 4 years as the organizations Vice President and currently carries the role of Ex Officio on the Board.  Joe has been a presence in the Ironmen organization and has coached both of his boys within the program as well as supported his daughter as a Cheerleader. Joe has spent countless hours volunteering his time for the program and ways to improve the quality of the program as well as bring in future Ironmen players.  Joe proudly coaches for the North Catholic Varsity team, and again has the opportunity to coach his oldest boy, along with several players who played under him within the Ironmen organization.  Joe shares his wishes for all 3 teams during the playoffs, and bids them the best of luck as they begin their quest to Duquesne University. 

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8th Grade Student Athlete Spotlight


Past Game Day Programs

Maybe you missed some amazing actions shots, the 8th grade spotlight, or quick write up of one of your favorite players and want to check it out? Explore past game day programs, share with friends and family and read about each week!



The Varsity Ironmen checked the box of "undefeated season" off of the list with a 28-8 victory over the Seneca Valley Raiders.  Under the lights and a close rival coming in to town, the Ironmen stood up to the challenge and never accepted defeat. 

The offense started off slow, but picked it up and controlled the tempo of the game, running a total of 56 plays to Seneca's 27.  The Ironmen outgained the Raiders 336 to 77 total yards, with 76 yards for the Raiders coming on 1 play.  Leaving a total of 1 yard gained over the next 26 plays.  

The offense was carried by Lou Iaquinta who went 9-12 for 104 yards and 2 TD's on the day.  Connecting with Ryan Snyder who had 3 receptions for 43 yards and Xiah Ninehouser, who had 2 receptions for 35 yards on, on touchdowns on the day. Xiah also carried the team in the running game, falling 1 yard short of eclipsing the 100 yard make, a fantasy football players worst nightmare. Quin O'hara also finished the day with 52 yards rushing.


The Defense came to play as well forcing their first special teams turnover of the season with Kicker Cristian Udrea causing a fumble.  Along with the turnover, the defense notched 3 sacks led by Ronan Straub, John Flerl and Erik Lindenfelser.  With 27 total plays on the field, the Raiders averaged just 2.8 yards per play. For the season now, the Ironmen Clad D has let up 52 points for an average of 8 points per game.

The Ironmen are now solely focused on their mission ahead. Brentwood.... They look to battle in this 1 game season and will not let anything get in their way. 

And as always,  they continue to be content BUT NOT SATISFIED! 

Head Coach- Phil O'Hara

Offensive Coordinator- Denny Sentelle

Defensive Coordinator- Tom Chimenti

Special Teams Coordinator- Jim Russell

Offensive and Defensive Line Coach- Todd Kalis

Linebacker and Scout Team Coach- Chris Minton

Assistant Defensive Coordinator- Travis Hawes

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The JV Ironmen had a tough loss at home to the visiting Erie Catholic Knights.  Falling 16-14, the Ironmen played their hearts out and saw visions of another game with Erie Catholic in the near future.  Trailing 16-6 in the final quarter, the Ironmen's passing game came alive with George Immel.  They came within 2 points of Erie when they scored a 4th quarter TD and came within 2 points as the score became 16-14.  With 2 minutes left, the Ironmen attempted an onside kick and just about had it recovered.  However, Erie Catholic was able to jump on the ball and wind down the final seconds.

The Ironmen finished their season with a 3-3 record, placing 2nd in their division. Even with the loss, the Ironmen saw themselves secure the 2nd seed and the opportunity to host a playoff game at home for the 2nd consecutive year.

Next up, the Ironmen turn to the grudge match, where they have been shown practicing this week with some varsity players and preparing to take on the South Hills Chargers.  With this passing attack and Ironclad D, the Ironmen look to secure the first JV championship appearance in 4 years.

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The Young Ironmen of the organization fell just short in their game against Erie 28-8.  The score does not reflect the hard work, dedication and perseverance they displayed during the 4 quarters.  The Ironmen were relentless on Defense and had countless great plays, which included key turnovers and sacks.  Outside of the score not being in the Ironmen favor, they were able to push Erie to their limits and set up what could be a great championship game.  However, the Ironmen have to take care of business against the visiting St. Louise. Never an easy opponent, the Ironmen appear ready to rock and roll.  With some tricks up their sleeves the last few weeks, the Ironmen look advance to their 2nd consecutive championship game!

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Head Coach- Nicole Steineman 

Asst. Coach- Shelley Colangelo

Asst. Coach- Danielle Pecoraro

Upcoming Schedule 

10/15 vs Seneca Valley @ 630pm




Head coach- Leanne Fike

Asst. Coach- Dana Schott

Asst. Coach- April Jackson

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 11am




Co-Head Coach- Ashtyn Guty

Co-Head Coach- Vanessa Krynicky

Asst. Coach- Michelle Hamilton

Asst. Coach- Kearstin Sarver

Asst. Coach- Julie Pace

Asst. Coach- Nicole Thompson

Asst. Coach- Lindsey Ronnenberg

Upcoming Schedule 

10/16 vs Erie Catholic @ 1245pm



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